Hair Dyeing – Tips to make your new hair color last longer

Hair Dyeing – Tips to make your new hair color last longer

Hair Dyeing – Tips to make your new hair color last longer

If you belong to the group of people who regularly dyes hair you probably already know the importance of extra nurturing and protecting hair care as well as advantageous means to make the hair color last longer. This both save you time and money and will reduce unwanted hair damage related to the process of hair dyeing.

Hair dyeing inevitably involves some level of treatment and this can be harsh to your hair and if not accounted for in your hair care routines it can also lead to dry and damaged hair that easily breaks and looses its vitality. So keep reading if you dye your hair – here are some beneficial tips to make your hair color last longer and give your colored hair the necessary nurture: Specifically developed hair care for colored hair

Make sure to use hair care products that are specially developed for colored hair, as these will contain anti-fading ingredients, e.g. heather, that will protect your colored hair more both from fading and dullness. Most color care products will also add some shine to your hair, which allow the color to show at its best. Use both color care shampoo and conditioner as well as nurturing color care treatments.

Shine and moisture remedies

In line with the first tip of using specially developed color care products follows the efficient tip of using hair oils, for example vitamin F hair oil, that give your hair nourishment, some shine as well as sufficient moisture. The shine makes your hair look healthier and your hair color more vibrant.

Minimize sun exposure

While it might be nice to tan and fry in the warm sun it is also one of the greatest sinners when it comes to color fading. So hat on! – especially if you are going to stay in the sun for a long time.

Minimize hair washing and shower temperatures

Too frequent hair washing is also guilty of fading your hair. Make sure to limit your hair washing as much as possible. Similarly, when you shower make sure to moderate the water temperature as too hot showers are also contributing to the tearing and color fading of your hair.

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