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Our products at Unique Beauty are certified organic. That means that all our products are based on clean, natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. Whenever you use perfumes or put on moisturizer, some of it will enter your body and can play a part in your health. Most people would agree that eating healthy and natural foods is the key to better overall health, and that goes for the things you use on your skin and in your hair as well.

Because of that, in addition to using organic ingredients, we avoid using a large number of ingredients that may negatively impact your health, e.g. parabens, silicones and thousands of other chemical substances.


ECOCERT is a French certification body that works to advance natural, environmentally sound and certified organic cosmetics through efficient regulations.

With ECOCERT’s very strict requirements for ingredients and environmental care, their certification is your guarantee for natural beauty products.

The ECOCERT certification also does not allow synthetic perfumes or any other synthetic ingredients, besides a few necessary preservatives, for which reason the ECOCERT certification also guarantees minimal synthetic ingredients.

Furthermore, the ECOCERT certification guarantees that products, packaging and overall production are all environmentally friendly.

With this in mind, Unique Beauty goes all in on sustainable, certified organic, pure and healthy beauty products, which are suitable for all skin types.


ECOCERT requires:

  • The absence of GMO, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Nanoparticles, Silicone, Polyethylene Glycol, Synthetic Perfumes and dyes, Animal-derived ingredients (unless naturally produced by them: milk, honey, etc).
  • That at 95% of ingredients in a product must come from natural sources.
  • That packaging be made of biodegradable or recyclable materials.
  • That at least 10% of ingredients in any product which is flushed down the drain (20% of ingredients in products that don’t) must come from organic farming.
  • That all ingredients and production methods must be approved in regards to their effect on the environment.

Unique Beauty takes these minimums a few steps further and goes the extra mile to exceed the average certification standards – for the sake of the environment and your health! Unique Beauty products contain 99% natural ingredients and the majority  of products contain more than 40% certified organic ingredients from organic farming. Additionally, all products contain easily renewable and locally sourced ingredients, while all productions run on 100% wind energy. Read more about Unique Beauty here

In this way, you can safely enjoy all Unique Beauty products with a good conscience towards the environment as well as your health.

Read more about ECOCERT on their website.

ECOCERT COSMOS is a unified Cosmetic Organic Standard developed by:

  • BDIH (Germany),
  • Cosmebio (France),
  • Ecocert Greenlife SAS (France),
  • ICEA (Italy) and
  • Soil Association (Great Britain).

All organizations have merged to optimize, harmonize and simplify the standards and processes of organic and natural cosmetic certifications as well as all related rules and regulations. The COSMOS certification uses the principles of the ECOCERT standard and thus works for promoting the use of ingredients from organic farming, green chemicals as well as healthy and environmentally sound production and manufacturing processes.

All Unique Beauty products fully live up to these standards – and also exceeds them. Some Unique Beauty products hold the certification already and the rest will overgo to the COSMOS certification in accordance with the requirements hereof.

Read more about COSMOS on their website

Unique Beauty is RECS certified (Renewable Energy Certificate System) by TRE-FOR Energy A/S, which guarantees that the entire production runs on 100% WIND ENERGY. Wind enery is a clean and sustainable source of energy and much more environmentally sound than the conventional energy sources.

RECS is an international certification system ensuring that the production of wind energy is processed in accordance with strict environmental requirements and considerations and is distributed in accordance with internationally acknowledged rules on trade with environmentally friendly energy.

In this way, Unique Beauty runs a more sustainable production and takes responsibility for its own environmental effects by ensuring profound contributions to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Our wind energy production is one of these contributions.

Denmark is one of the cleanest countries in the world and we work towards improving this even further and towards spreading the important message of advancing in greener and more sustainable ways of producing, consuming and living


Cruelty Free International certifies humane cosmetics, household products, retailer and Purchaser standards, which is signified by the Leaping Bunny Mark trademark. Cruelty Free International is dedicated to ending all animal testing for consumer products worldwide.

Unique is approved under the Humane Cosmetics Standard by Cruelty Free International, which guarantees that we do not conduct or commission animal testing for any of our products or ingredients.

Read more about Cruelty Free International on their website

No Unique Beauty products or ingredients have ever been or will ever be tested on animals. We believe it is wrong to continue using animals to test the safety of cosmetic products. It is cruel and there are other methods of evaluating safety.

Fair Trade

Unique Beauty products contain Fair Trade ingredients like shea and aloe vera, which reflects Unique Beauty’s viewpoint on fair and honest trade. Not all ingredients in Unique Beauty products are readily available in the nearby floras and in these cases, Unique Beauty prioritizes to source Fair Trade ingredients.

Unique Beauty supports a Fair Trade project in Ghana, Africa, where Shea is bought, as well as a Fair Trade project in Mexico, where aloe vera is bought. The purpose of both projects are to help the farmers and workers with the development, marketing and export of their crops. In this way the projects advance sustainable productions and fair and honest trade to improve economic health and growth in the countries.

Most Unique Beauty products hold a minimum of 20% certified Fair Trade ingredients.