UNIQUE BEAUTY was interviewed about running a sustainable business and we were simply thrilled to talk about our passion number one – sustainability!

We feel lucky to be able to pass on some useful advice on how other companies can become greener and more sustainable. Here are some of the main points from the article.

  1. We get all our energy from windmills and we have a certified wind energy production. This is a sustainable source of energy saving the environment a lot of Co2.
  2. We recycle anything that can be recycled. For example, paper, boxes and Styrofoam that we get through deliveries from our suppliers. For transportation we always reuse boxes etc. It really does not matter if a customer receives a box that has been used before. Hopefully, they will also reuse it.
  3. Our sustainable business and the sustainable principles thereof can be seen in our product development. We are very conscious about using easily renewable ingredients for example. This can be ingredients like corn, potatoes and wheat. From these ingredients we get our surfactants, which are those that cleanse your hair and make it foam.
  4. Our main ingredient is protein rich whey, which is a leftover ingredient from the dairy industry. This makes it very sustainable and then it has amazing effects on both hair and skin.
  5. We think a lot about sourcing as locally as possible to save the environment from Co2. We therefore always prioritize to get local ingredients from Denmark or surrounding countries instead of China or other far away countries.


You can read the article here. It is in Danish though