While traveling abroad you have probably experienced that your hair feels different depending on the country you are traveling in. In some countries your hair might go limp and sticky in no time while in other countries your hair goes dry and rough equally fast.
This has a logic explanation and can easily be accounted for and dealt with.

In countries with high humidity the moist environment affects your hair because your hair basically sucks in the moist and is layered with moisture from the humid environment. This can make it feel a little too sticky – way too fast.

In countries with low humidity on the other hand, the dry environment affects your hair because the environment basically sucks out the moisture of your hair, which can make it feel too dry in a very short amount of time.

So what are the means to avoid these unwanted hair conditions while traveling and maintain healthy and nice looking hair regardless of the weather conditions?

It is really quite simple, as your choice of hair care will make the crucial difference.

Hair care needed in humid countries

When you travel to humid countries make sure to bring hair care products with a good amount of PROTEIN that gives your hair a deep cleanse without roughening your hair. Equally, you can use a sea salt spray to remove the very moist feel of your hair. A good amount of protein can help to reduce too high moisture levels. This will give you an advantage in terms of the time it takes before the moist environment makes your hair too sticky.

Hair care needed in dry countries

When traveling to more dry countries it is important to bring hair care that nurtures and adds a good amount of MOISTURE without over-soaking it or weighing it down. The extra moisture and special care will nurture and protect the hair from the dry climate and thus help prevent your hair from going too dry and rough, which ultimately can lead to hair breakage.


The bottom line is really to make sure that your hair care products assist you in maintaining the right balance for your hair– not too moist and not too dry.