Is your hair dry and frizzy? Here are some tips to avoid dry and frizzy hair

Dry and frizzy hair is as common as it is annoying, and most hair styles simply loose its edge and freshness if accompanied by frizz and/or dry roughness. So how do we avoid dry and frizzy hair? Here are some useful tips to maintain well-hydrated and healthy-looking hair.

First of all, the means to avoid dry and frizzy hair will differ depending on the reasons for it to occur. Here are some of the most common reasons – followed by some advice to deal with them:

Hair dyeing

So, if your hair is dry and frizzy because of routines of hair dyeing etc. you need special color care treatment as part of your hair care routine. Color care treatment, shampoo and conditioner are the first three means for you to nurture your hair, minimize fading and to reduce frizz and dryness. Afterwards you need nourishing hair oil, like Argan oil or vitamin F, for your ends in particular, which will help control wild frizz and hair roughness – making it more manageable. When styling it is important to mainly comb the oil in your hair with your fingers in downward movements for a moderate and even application.

Curly hair

If you have frizzy and or dry hair because of your natural curls, in which there naturally will be more friction compared to straight hair, you will need special curl care to manage and control the hair to add natural shine and a healthy moisturized look. Curly hair usually requires a bit more effort to manage yet the level and nature of the curls naturally will play a part. The smaller and more dense curls, the more of a challenge it gets. You will need curl cream and/or dry hair oil – each of which you must make sure to ‘hug’ into your hair and thus avoid too much separation of your hair as this can create a frizzier look.

Very often washing/styling/heating

You might have dry and frizzy hair because of regular or heavy use of styling products and heating equipment like hairdryers and straighteners. It might also stem from everyday washing and restyling of your hair – or even several times a day (e.g. if you are a doing a lot of sports and need to wash your hair every day or more). In these cases, you will need a regular special care treatment to make up for the moisture loss and hair breakage that most often follow from these routines. The moisture balance is crucial as the above-mentioned routines are terribly draining for your hair and the repeated styling, heating and general touching of your hair increase the likelihood of hair breakage. A proper moisture shampoo and conditioner are therefore much needed. Afterwards, a hair oil like Argan or Omega is again important to nourish and gather frizz. Make sure to comb the oil in your hair (‘hug’ if curly hair) and skip the blow dry and straightening of your hair whenever you can. For example, allow your Sundays to be heating and styling free.

Efficient hair oil treatment

Regardless of your hair type or the reason for your dry and frizzy hair, the last and very efficient advice is to do a weekly hair oil treatment. This involves soaking your hair (only the lengths) in your favorite hair oil and letting it sit overnight. Accordingly, it is advantageous to apply it on a Sunday night e.g. and then wash it out Monday morning to start your day fresh, moisturized and non-frizzy.

Stay hydrated and well nourished.